Individual Therapy

In the midst of winter I found there was within me, an invincible summer.

–Albert Camus

I help people to navigate some of life’s greatest challenges, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks
  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Transitions in Life
  • Toxic Spirituality
  • Spiritual Emergence
  • Chronic Illness/Pain
  • Self-esteem
  • Career Development
  • Creative Development
  • Loss of Vitality
  • Sexuality
  • Divorce
  • Relationship Issues

Depression  Whether your experience of depression is situational or rooted in something much deeper, there is hope. I use my analytic approach to therapy to help you gain insight into any underlying issues that may be contributing to your depressed mood. With thoughtfulness and sensitivity we can examine the meaning of depression in your life and help you find your spark again.

Anxiety  Anxiety is something that affects us all. You may have anxiety about a specific situation (a problem at work, social anxiety) or it may be more generalized and your anxiety involves deeper existential questions. Together we can explore the causes and effects of these intense emotions and look for ways to manage your anxiety and start feeling more at ease.

Spirituality  Have you been through a toxic spiritual experience? Is it important for you to have a counselor who values and understands your faith? I am religiously literate and familiar with many denominations. I don’t impose my beliefs on you but rather seek to help you clarify your beliefs and the role of the divine in your life.

Personal Growth  Do you want to live with more authenticity? More passion? More creativity? Maybe you don’t have a single defining “issue” but are interested in learning more about yourself and your role in the world. Your motivation is commendable and together we can expand your insight, strengthen your resiliency, and reach your goals.

Sexual Trauma  Childhood sexual abuse, rape, sexual violence, and sexual harassment leave a lasting legacy in our lives. You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, hyper vigilance, disconnection with self and others, anger, shame, apathy, or confusion. My professional career began with several years working in rape crisis agencies as a counselor and advocate. Breaking your silence and reaching out for help is one of the first steps toward healing.

Chronic Illness/Pain  Struggles with health and vitality can bring to the surface many issues relating to our illusion of control. We need help. Life feels diminished. We feel the loss of activities, friends, and our own sense of power. Therapy can help us adapt to the “new normal” and find ways to create a new sense of self that is authentic, nourished, and alive.

Relationships  Have you heard that word ‘co-dependent’ and wonder if it applies to you? Do you hate conflict and employ maladaptive strategies to avoid it? When our relationships (be they family, partner, friends, or co-workers) are unsatisfying this affects our quality of life. We can explore your unique relational patterns and ways that you can have more fulfilling relationships.

Self-Esteem  Are you always second-guessing yourself? Do your needs always come last? Does it feel like you are a ‘doormat’? Do you have an internal dialogue that is always negative and putting yourself down? This is an exhausting experience that is probably affecting many areas of your life. Together we can reinforce your sense of self and move you toward an experience of confidence and empowerment.

Life transitions  Times of change can be ripe moments for psychic growth. Are you on the brink of parenthood, retirement, career change, empty-nest, downsizing, sandwiched between care-taking parents and also children? These types of ‘threshold’ experiences are rich with meaning and allow us vast opportunities for self-knowledge and growth.