Premarital/Precommitment Counseling

You have begun the journey of a lifetime together…hooray to you for considering counseling to help pack out your toolkit for the journey!

This type of counseling is specifically designed for:

Engaged Couples


Couples who are considering marriage

Couples who are pursuing a deeper commitment

New couples who want to build their relationship skills

Doing premarital counseling over 30 years ago with my partner was one of the best decisions we ever made! We still remember some of the wise nuggets we got from Dr. Smith. It would be my honor to be with you at this moment of your story to help build foundational skills as well as set you on the path to creating a nourishing, sheltering, and exciting relationship.

This path is for you if:

You want to be equipped with guidelines and tools for a successful relationship. Many of us didn’t grow up learning about healthy relationships. In fact, I have noticed it is challenging for my couples to name even one role model for their relationship! This process allows you the opportunity to intentionally focus on increasing your strengths and craft the kind of relationship that will bring out the best in each of you.

You have specific issues you would like to work through before getting married or making a commitment.

You are not sure whether you should get married or deepen your commitment.

You are newly married and feeling disillusioned. Things are not quite as you imagined they would be!

You are in a new relationship and realize you could use some assistance learning some essential relationship skills.

Here is what you get:

Questionnaire to complete and return. This will help you to think about different aspects of your relationship and prepare you for our time together. Your answers allow me, (your therapist), to get insight into your unique relationship before we meet. This gives me a head start on the areas that may need particular focus to help smooth your way forward.

A flexible program that covers 13 key areas of good relationship building. These include roles, expectations, personal strengths and limitations, communication, managing conflict, intimacy, finances, extended family, children, religion, and more.

An opportunity to get actively involved in defining your goals, differences, and ambitions.

An opportunity to talk about any particular issues you are struggling with.

Several excellent handouts on good relationship skills and practices. These include resource links to carefully picked articles and videos to support your way forward. This ‘take away’ ensures that you have ample solid relationship guidelines at your fingertips to revisit at any time.

A couples therapist that you can return to whenever you need help.

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